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Wine Trophy Berlin:
Zweigelt Reserve 2017 – Berliner Gold

Zweigelt Reserve 2016- 92,4 Punkte
Zweigelt Reserve 2017 – 91,4 Punkte
Cuvee Neuberg 2018 – 91,4 Punkte

Cuvee Neuberg 2018 – 92 Punkte, 2. Grand Prix Sieger Cuvee

A la Carte:
Zweigelt Reserve 2016 – 91 Punkte
Cuvee Neuberg 2018 – 91 Punkte
Blaufränkisch 2018 – 90 Punkte

Berliner Gold:
Zweigelt Reserve 2016

Burgenländische Landesprämierung:
Weissburgunder 2018 – Gold

For all wine lovers, people of good taste, passionate tasters, explorers with a thirst for knowledge, sensual critics, drinkers of a quick glass, wine fanatics, evening sippers, those who like to drink in good company, joyful connoisseurs and for all those that just like to drink a good glass of wine or enhance a fantastic meal with a superb bottle of wine, we have created the possibility to enjoy both earthly and divine indulgences.

Goethe himself said: „No pleasure is fleeting, for the impression it leaves behind is permanent”

We know from our own experience how important it is not to take life too seriously, and to drink a glass of wine every now and then in order add some sweetness to life, or just to enjoy pure pleasure and delight.

We invite you join us on an interesting, exciting, exquisite and unique journey which will reveal the treasures of our beautiful Burgenland to you in all its forms, both in terms of culinary and wine experiences.

Join us in the experience of tasting the delightful highlights of lighter white wines, strong character red wines and regional specialties, paired with the refreshing breezes of Burgenland –just enjoy the finer things in life.

Yours truly,
The Hareter Family